Safety Seat Recalls

Safety seats are recalled for a number of reasons. It is vitally important that you be notified of any safety seat recalls and take the steps outlined below to receive replacement seats or repair kits to correct the problem(s) quickly.

The first step you need to take is to complete and return the registration cards on each safety seat to ensure you receive notification if that safety seat is recalled.

If you suspect your safety seat has been recalled but you have not been notified, or you don’t know how to reach the manufacturer, call the toll-free DOT Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT.

You should have the manufacturer's name, model number and name and date of manufacture available when you call. This information is found on labels underneath or on the side or back of the seat.

Most often, manufacturers of the defective seats will not want the recalled seats returned. They will furnish a replacement safety seat or replacement part free rather than asking that you return the seat to them. Don’t delay replacement of suspect parts. You may be told to destroy the safety seat to make sure it isn’t reused.

If you don’t have a replacement for the recalled safety seat, continue using the recalled seat until you receive one or replacement parts are delivered and the necessary repairs are made. It is almost always safer to have your child in any safety seat -- even one that has been recalled -- as compared to riding unrestrained or with only a safety belt.

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