EMSAcare Questions

Service Area & Coverage

Who can join EMSAcare?

EMSAcare is available to individuals who live and work in cities served by EMSA, including Oklahoma City, The Village, Nichols Hills, Valley Brook, Arcadia, Lake Aluma, Tulsa, Jenks, and Sand Springs via their city water bill. Any interested party, regardless of geographic location, can subscribe to EMSAcare directly with EMSA here.

Does my utility bill cover EMSAcare?
Residents of many cities served by EMSA (including Tulsa, Jenks, Sand Springs, Oklahoma City, and The Village) may automatically receive benefits by paying a small fee on their city utility bills. If you are part of such a program, there is no need to take out a separate EMSAcare membership.

For residents not covered by a city program, including most nursing home residents and individuals living at non-participating apartment complexes, you can purchase an EMSAcare membership directly with EMSA.

If you are unsure whether you are part of a city program, please contact your city utilities/water department.

I'm not covered by a city program. Can I get EMSAcare service?

You may purchase an EMSAcare subscription directly with EMSA by paying an annual fee. You can enroll by clicking here calling (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.

I just moved. How do I get EMSAcare service at my new address?
Customers may opt into EMSAcare when they establish a utilities account with their City. Please contact your city utilities/water department.
How do I check if I’m opted in to EMSAcare via my utility account/bill?
To verify if you are opted in to your city’s utility fee EMSAcare program, call your city utilities department.

A water customer opts in or out (if available) of the program at the time he or she establishes a water account with the city.

For cities where opt out is available, there is also an annual enrollment period each year. You can opt in or opt out of the program during that time by calling your city’s utilities department.

EMSA’s service area includes Tulsa, Sand Springs, Jenks, Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, The Village, Lake Aluma, Arcadia and Valley Brook.

Can I opt out of EMSAcare?
Some cities allow an individual to opt out of its utility fee program. Other cities do not allow for opting out. Check with your city utilities department to verify if opt out is available.
If I live in a nursing home or an apartment complex and don’t pay a water bill, am I covered?

By city ordinance, your property manager must notify you annually if the property where you live is covered under your city’s utility fee EMSAcare program. If you do not know if you are covered, contact your property manager or your city utilities department.

If you are a nursing home resident, but still maintain a permanent residence (such as a spouse that still lives at home) that is opted in to a city utility fee EMSAcare program, you may be covered. Please call EMSA at (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888 to verify both residences.

If you are not covered, you may purchase an EMSAcare subscription directly with EMSA by paying an annual fee. You can enroll by calling (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.

What types of EMSA transports are covered under the city utility fee EMSAcare program? Are motor vehicle accidents covered? What if the emergency does not happen at my home?
All emergency transports in EMSA’s service area are fully covered. An emergency is defined as an unforeseen condition that requires urgent and unscheduled medical attention. Emergency transports always result in the ambulance taking the patient to a hospital emergency room.

The cause or location of your emergency does not matter as long as it is in EMSA’s service area. If you pay the utility fee, you are covered for all your emergency transports regardless of where the ambulance picks you up.

EMSAcare benefits on non-emergency transports can vary, depending on insurance coverage and destination.

Enrollment & Renewals

How do I join EMSAcare?
There are two ways to join EMSAcare – through a fee added to your city water/utility bill, where available, or directly with EMSA.

To enroll directly with EMSA, simply complete a membership agreement, complete the application and send it to us with your payment — Eastern Division – $65, Western Division – $45.

Eastern Division EMSAcare enrollment period is held August 1- August 31.

Western Division EMSAcare enrollment period is held September 1-September 30.

EMSAcare memberships directly with EMSA outside of the enrollment periods begin once EMSA has received the completed application and payment for your membership. EMSAcare memberships are not prorated.

To request an application for an EMSAcare membership direct with EMSA or for questions about an individual’s eligibility, please call the EMSAcare hotline at (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888, or contact EMSA Customer Service via at customerservice@emsa.net.

Where available, a small monthly fee is or can be added to your residential water/utility bill. To participate in EMSAcare through a fee added to your city water/utility bill, you are automatically enrolled when you establish your water/utility services account. In some communities, there is an available option to opt out of EMSAcare via a city water/utility fee. That program year option, where available, also differs by location.

If you have questions about your city water/utility bill membership fee, please call your local city utility provider.

If I pay EMSAcare on my utility bill, do I still need to enroll?
No. Residents who opt into EMSAcare through their City’s Utility Program do not need to subscribe directly with EMSA.
Do I need to renew every year, or does my membership auto-renew?
Direct Subscribers will need to renew their EMSAcare membership annually.
I need to sign up outside of the enrollment period. What should I do?

Please contact EMSA Customer Service via at customerservice@emsa.net or call the EMSAcare hotline at (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.

Insurance & Billing

I have insurance. Do I need EMSAcare?
Ambulance transports may not be covered in full by all insurance carriers.

Even if Medicare/your insurance provider approves your claim, it’s likely that you’ll still be responsible for meeting a deductible or providing a co-payment. Plus, insurance companies often pay a reduced amount when they approve a claim – leaving patients to pay the remaining balance.

EMSAcare members never have to pay out-of-pocket for EMSA emergency care or for covered non-emergency service. Members are charged a significantly reduced rate (40% savings off the standard rate) for uncovered non-emergency service.

If I pay the utility fee, will you bill my insurance?
Yes. EMSA has and will continue to bill any third-party insurance payers. More than 80% of EMSA’s revenue comes from third-party insurance payments, such as Medicare, Medicaid, private health insurance and others.
Then what is the utility fee for?
The utility fee is a convenient way to cap an individual’s expenses on ambulance costs. It covers out-of-pocket costs you would normally have to pay beyond what your insurance pays, such as deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurances.
What if I don’t have insurance?
You will have no out-of-pocket costs regardless of whether you have insurance coverage or not provided the bill is related to an emergency transport – a transport ending at a hospital ER. If you pay the city utility fee and notify EMSA that you do not have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, you owe nothing for emergency transports.
I’m opted in and had an emergency EMSA transport, so why am I getting a bill?
Every patient will receive a statement from EMSA after an ambulance transport. Please read the statement carefully.

You may not owe anything and it is simply notifying you of the amount EMSA will bill your insurance provider. In many cases, EMSA is requesting your insurance information, if you have it. You must submit your insurance information, if you have it, to EMSA as soon as possible.

If you do not have Medicare, Medicaid or other insurance, please notify EMSA as soon as possible.

If your ambulance transport will be covered under another policy, such as the VA, a motor vehicle policy (in the case of motor vehicle accidents), the Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund or other third-party, notify EMSA as soon as possible.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. How do I contact you?

Please contact EMSA Customer Service via at customerservice@emsa.net or call (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888.

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