Keeping Your Child Buckled Up

A parent's part in keeping children safe in the car is only begun when a safety seat is installed properly. Children need to be trained to use restraints every time they are in any vehicle. Once children learn that a parent will not be cajoled or nagged into allowing them to be transported without proper restraint, there should be few complaints.

  • Set a good example by always wearing your seat belt.
  • Refuse to start the vehicle before everyone in the vehicle is restrained.
  • If a child unfastens or leaves his safety seat, pull the vehicle to the curb and refuse to continue until the child is safely restrained. Be firm and consistent.
  • When traveling, sing songs or play "I spy" type games with the children.
  • Stop frequently to allow children to get out of the vehicle and move about freely.
  • Be sure the safety seat is sized for the child. A too large or too small seat may be uncomfortable and dangerous

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