Who is the Impaired Driver?

The National Commission Against Drunk Drivers (NCADD) identifies the “impaired driver” population as:

  • Chronic Drunk Drivers – One in seven adults is a problem drinker and thus, a potential drunk driver. NCADD advocates screening anyone arrested on a DWI/DUI charge for underlying alcohol problems. They advocate alcohol treatment as part of every drunk-driving sentence. After screening assessment, they recommend using technology such as ignition interlocks to keep chronic drunk drivers off the road.
  • Underage Drinkers – These young people are not only inexperienced drivers, but also inexperienced drinkers; therefore it takes less alcohol to affect their driving ability. Alcohol-related crashes killed 2,283 youth in 2003, reflecting 36% of the total traffic fatalities for 15-20 year olds.
  • Young Adults (21-34 Years Old) – These drivers are responsible for approximately 50% of all drunk driving crashes and more alcohol-related fatal crashes than any other age group. They are four times as likely as other drivers to have their license suspended or revoked. Recent studies show that they are also drinking to much higher levels of intoxication than other age groups, and they are the most resistant to changing their drinking and driving behavior.

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