What are the Signs and Symptoms of CO Poisoning?

CO is sometimes called "The Great Imitator" because the minor symptoms are so similar to those of the flu. Listed below are symptoms that may be associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, which generally progress over the period of exposure. Be especially aware of how the symptoms under “Minor Symptoms” may signify a worsening degree of exposure when combined with the other symptoms.

Minor Symptoms

• Headache 

• Nausea 

• Vomiting 

• Irritable 

• Angina in heart patients 

• Blurred vision 

Minor Symptoms Plus 

• Drowsiness 

• Weakness 

• Dizziness 

• Fainting 

• Severe headache 

• Difficulty thinking 

As exposure to CO is prolonged, symptoms can become life-threatening, including increased heart rate, blackout spells, convulsions and seizures, coma and death if the victim is not removed from the area.

You can die from carbon monoxide poisoning in just one night, without noticing any symptoms, especially if the exposure occurs during the hours of sleep. This is why it is very important to have CO detectors properly installed in your home.

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