What's In Your Medicine Cabinet?

The medicine cabinet is no longer considered the best place to keep medications. Usually, the bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in the home and the moisture can affect the integrity of the drug over time. Additionally, a central medicine cabinet that is used by all members of the family makes it a risky hiding place when there are young children in the home.  Instead, find a place to store medicine where it stays cool and dry. Also keep this in mind when you travel and during summer months when different areas of the home may be more vulnerable to changes in temperature. Any medication that is supposed to be refrigerated should be stored in a refrigerator.

At least once each year, clean out your medicine storage area and discard any medications that are no longer being used or have passed their expiration date. Also discard any medication described below:

  • Any medication that has changed color or formed a residue at the bottom of the bottle

  • Any medication that no longer has a legible label

  • Medications that are expired or are more than two years old

  • Aspirin that is crumbly or gives off a vinegary odor

  • Hydrogen peroxide that no longer bubbles when applied to skin or scalp

  • Ointments that have separated or become discolored

  • Leftover eyewash or eye drops (fungus growth may develop)

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