Keep Poison Locked Up

Young children will eat and drink almost anything and must be protected from their own natural curiosity. Products that can be harmful to them are best kept locked in cabinets and containers that can only be opened by adults.

Plastic type locks that are placed on drawers and cabinets to keep them closed should be tested frequently, and you should continually evaluate whether or not your child has learned to open the lock.

When you are using a product that is harmful to children, never walk away from the container or bucket you are using and leave it unattended. Children can move very quickly and may be into the product before you have a chance to react. Always return harmful substances to safe storage immediately after use.

Never leave a bottle of aspirin or other pills where children can reach it. Return the container to a safe place immediately after using it. Medicines are often swallowed by young children who find pills where their grandparents have left them. Grandparents - and all adults - should use child-resistant closures whenever young children are around. After you have taken your medicine, make sure the child-resistance cap is securely locked in place.

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