Preventing Poisoning

The following tips may help you prevent a poisoning from occurring in your home.

  • Most accidental poisonings occur in children under five. Children who are poisoned once are frequently poisoned again.   
  • Stay alert. Children can't recognize poisons. Medicine may look like candy. Never refer to medicine as candy when  trying to get a child to swallow their medicine.   
  • Never assume a child could not have taken a medication because it tastes bad to you. Children are notorious for eating things that may be distasteful to an adult.   
  • Never assume a child could not have taken a medication because it is too big for them to swallow. It happens.   
  • Lock poisons up, out of sight and out of reach. Be especially careful about handbags and suitcases.   
  • Use child-resistant caps on medicines, cleaning products and antifreeze, BUT remember, these caps are NOT childproof. Many youngsters are able to open them.   
  • Don't take medicine in front of children. They will imitate you.   
  • Never store hazardous substances or any medication in food or beverage containers.   
  • Never mix multiple medications in one bottle or remove medications from the bottle it was dispensed in.   
  • Read the labels on all medications including over the counter medications before taking or dispensing.   
  • Read the labels on all household and chemical products before using. Many products can be dangerous if mixed with other types of solutions. Also, the labels will give you information about special environmental precautions.

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