Poisons in Your House

Everyone has poisonous items in their home  -- and they come in containers that we all recognize. Read the list below and find some potentially hazardous products that you may have on your shelves right now.

  • antifreeze
  • windshield washer solutions 
  • drain cleaners 
  • toilet bowl cleaners 
  • insecticides 
  • rat and mouse poison 
  • gasoline, kerosene, and lamp oil 
  • paint and paint thinner 
  • mothballs 
  • alcoholic beverages 
  • artificial nail removers 
  • topical anesthetics (i.e. Products that may be used for sunburn pain) 
  • medicines 
  • detergents 
  • automatic dishwasher detergents 
  • furniture polish 
  • perfume & aftershave 
  • mouthwash             
  • miniature batteries 
  • flaking paint 
  • cigarettes, tobacco products

Make sure these products are kept out of children's reach or in locked cabinets.

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