Getting There is Half the Fun

If you are driving the family vehicle to your camping destination, getting there CAN be half the fun if you plan ahead.

If you are driving with children, you should stop every 100 miles to let them stretch and run off some energy.

  • Try exchanging breaks at places that interest them for good behavior.  
  • Keep a supply of snacks and drinks handy to cut down on the stops for treats.  
  • Suggest and participate in “road games” such as spotting license plates from different states.  
  • Stash away a “goodie bag” for each child with new toys, books or tapes/CDs as prizes to hold their interest.

You may want to consider joining an automobile club. Not only do many of these organizations provide you with the insurance that you will have roadside service if you need help, but many also provide trip planning, discounts, and other benefits to their members.

Don't forget to do a quick pre-trip inspection of your vehicle. This may save you hours of lost time and unexpected expense on the road:

Check the vehicle’s:

  • Radiator for leaks and hoses for cracks and bulges  
  • Belts that may be too loose or too tight  
  • Brakes, lights, horn and turn signals
  • Steering mechanism  
  • Fluids – oil, brake, transmission and battery   
  • Mirrors, rear and side  
  • Safety belts
  • Tire walls and tread surface for wear and recommended air pressure  
  • Spare tire  
  • Jumper cables



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