Medical Standby

Paid Full Dedicated Medical Standby

  • This includes an ambulance and a full crew (EMT and Paramedic) stationed at a specific location. Cost for events is $240/hour with a four-hour minimum billed in 15 minute incriments. 
  • Submitting a request via the form below is not considered confirmation that an ambulance will be available at your event. You must complete the contracting process with EMSA to be assured your request has been scheduled.
  • EMSA strongly recommends requesting your medical standby unit at least four weeks in advance of your event.
  • EMSA reserves the right to decline a request based on staffing, other reservations, and short notice.

To request an educational demonstration, please visit our educational demonstration page. Note: EMSA educational demonstrations cannot use their ambulance to transport patients.

If you have not heard from EMSA regarding your request within 10 business days of making the request, please contact

Request a Medical Standby

Fill out the form below to request EMSA at your event.