If a person is not breathing and has no pulse, you need to seek emergency help immediately and be prepared to help the victim until emergency help arrives.

Before starting CPR:

  • Look at your surroundings to check for safety. 
  • Tap the victim’s shoulder and try to get a response. 
  • If there is no response, call 911 for emergency assistance, or direct someone else to call. 

To perform rescue breathing and chest compressions:

  • Tilt the victim’s head back. Look, listen and feel for breathing. If the victim isn’t breathing normally, pinch closed his nose, cover his mouth with yours and blow into his mouth twice.
  • As you are breathing, watch for the victim’s chest to rise.
  • If the victim is still not breathing, begin chest compressions. Place your hands in the middle of the victim’s chest, directly between his nipples. Push down 15 times. You should compress the chest about two inches.
  • After 15 compressions, give the victim two breaths. After four cycles of breaths and compressions, recheck for signs of breathing or circulation. Continue CPR until signs of life return or paramedics arrive to take over.