November 8, 2019 – Today, EMSA unveiled a one-of-a-kind ambulance it will add to its Tulsa fleet, an ambulance based on the design of the Tulsa Flag. The new unit will be put into service immediately and be on-site at the University of Tulsa football game Friday evening.

Tulsa City Councilor and EMSA Board of Trustees Chairman Phil Lakin had the idea for the new ambulance and he was one hand when it made its debut.

“I thought it would be cool to have a Tulsa Flag ambulance on the streets of Tulsa. The Tulsa Flag is a unique design that people across the metro area have embraced. I’m thrilled this idea has become a reality,” Lakin said.

The new ambulance also includes a map of Tulsa County that highlights the cities EMSA serves in its Eastern Division: Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, and Sand Springs. EMSA allocated the money for the design and application of the specialized ambulance wrap in its Fiscal 2020 Budget. The creation of the Tulsa Flag ambulance did not cost EMSA patients or taxpayers any additional funds.

After the TU football game, the unit will be a rotated into EMSAs fleet of ambulances and can been on the streets of Tulsa.

“The Tulsa Flag truck is a symbol of EMSA’s commitment to the Tulsa community. We’ve served the city since 1977. We are very proud to add this special truck to our fleet,” EMSA President and CEO Jim Winham said.

Ambulances with special designs like this unit and EMSA’s Support Our Troops ambulance are very popular with the Tulsa Community and are often requested for special events. To request the Tulsa Flag unit at a local gathering, simply contact EMSA’s Special Events Manager Holly Jones at