What is EMSAcare?

About EMSAcare

EMSAcare from EMSA is an ambulance subscription program that offers valuable benefits for Oklahomans of all ages residing in EMSA’s service areas. The program is designed to cover the out-of-pocket costs, such as co-payments and deductibles, that Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies assign to their members. Unlike standard “gap” insurance coverage, EMSAcare covers all EMSA emergencies.

Benefits of EMSAcare apply exclusively to EMSA service and include:

  • No co-payments or deductibles for medically necessary emergency ambulance service. EMSAcare members pay no out-of-pocket costs for emergency transports. EMSA collects available insurance dollars but does not bill member for deductible, co-payments, and other out-of-pocket costs associated with emergency services.
  • No co-payments or deductibles for non-emergency ambulance transports approved by members’ insurance/Medicare providers.
  • A 40% cost-reduction (equaling hundreds of dollars saved!) on uncovered non-emergency transports.

There are two ways to join EMSAcare – through a fee added to your city water/utility bill, where available, or directly with EMSA.

In many communities, a small monthly fee is added to most residential water/utility bills to support ambulance operations and provide benefits. The fee covers the annual EMSAcare membership fee for the account holder and all permanent members of the household.

For individuals NOT enrolled through a city water/utility bill fee, such as individuals living in nursing homes, apartment complexes or rural areas, an EMSAcare membership may be purchased directly with EMSA.

Annual program years

EMSAcare annual program years differ by location. You may purchase a membership directly with EMSA at any time; however, the annual fee is valid for the applicable program year and will not be prorated.

If you participate in EMSAcare through a fee added to your city water/utility bill, you are automatically enrolled when you establish your water/utility services account. In some communities, there is an available option to opt OUT of EMSAcare via a city water/utility fee. That program year option, where available, also differs by location.

Eastern Division (Tulsa metro area): EMSAcare enrollment period is held August 1 – August 31. This is for members/prospective members living in the greater Tulsa area. Eastern Division memberships are valid through August 31.

Western Division (Oklahoma City metro area): EMSAcare enrollment period is held September 1 – September 30. This is for members/prospective members living in the Oklahoma City metro area. Western Division memberships are valid through September 30.

To request an application for an EMSAcare membership direct with EMSA or questions about an individual’s eligibility, please call the EMSAcare hotline at (918) 396-2888 or (405) 396-2888 or contact us to request a brochure.

If you have questions about your city water/utility bill membership fee, please call your local city utility provider.

EMSAcare annual membership fee direct with EMSA: Eastern Division – $65, Western Division – $45

EMSAcare annual membership fee through city water/utility fee: Fees vary by city. Please check with your city utility provider.