The City of Edmond has announced it will be withdrawing from the EMSA system. These question and answers are intended to help families and individuals with questions about their EMSAcare membership moving forward. It is important to note, some residences with Edmond addresses are actually located within the City of Oklahoma city limits. 

  1. When will the City of Edmond no longer be covered by EMSA? The City of Edmond has not communicated a transition date to EMSA. Until an official transition date has been established, EMSA will continue to respond to requests for ambulance responses in Edmond city limits. For more information, please reach out to the City of Edmond – they are best equipped to answer this question.
  2. I am a City of Edmond resident; can I still subscribe to EMSAcare? Yes, Edmond residents can subscribe directly to EMSAcare if they choose to, as a reminder, the subscription will only cover EMSA transports. Transports by other EMS services will not be covered.
  3. Will I get an EMSAcare subscription refund when the City of Edmond transitions to a new EMS service? EMSA does not issue refunds for EMSAcare subscriptions in whole or prorated amounts. Your annual subscription will be valid through September 30, 2024.
  4. I have an Edmond address but pay City of OKC Utilities, who should we subscribe through for EMSAcare? If you live within Oklahoma City’s city limits and pay for OKC Utilities but have an Edmond address, you are an OKC resident and live within EMSA’s service area. Contact the City of OKC to ensure you are subscribed to EMSAcare.
  5. How do I know if I EMSAcare coverage if I live in an apartment in the EMSA service area? Ask your property owner/manager if they subscribe to EMSAcare. If not, you may subscribe directly with EMSA at EMSAcare Online Portal.
  6. How do I continue to have EMS subscription coverage after EMSA leaves Edmond? Please reach out to the City of Edmond – they are best equipped to answer this question.
  7. How do I determine if I live within the City of OKC city limits or City of Edmond city limits?
  8. I have a question that is not answered above. You may contact Customer Service Representatives below:
    • EMSA Customer Service: 405-297-7100
    • City of Oklahoma City: 405-297-2833
    • City of Edmond: 405-359-4541