Tulsa Program

EMSAcare Benefits

With the City of Tulsa’s EMSAcare ambulance program, you’ll pay no out-of-pocket costs for EMSA emergency service. The program’s price of $5.45 per month is included on your regular City of Tulsa utilities bill. Benefits apply to all permanent members of your household.

Residential utilities customers (within city limits) may enroll or choose to opt out of the program at the time they establish a water/utility services account or during an annual open enrollment period. Program benefits include:

  • No out-of-pocket costs for EMSA emergency transports. For emergency transport, EMSA will collect all available third-party (insurance, Medicare and Medicaid) dollars and not bill residents of the property for out-of-pocket costs for which they are financially responsible.
  • No out-of-pocket costs for EMSA non-emergency transport, if third-party coverage pays any portion of the charges. A non-emergency transport is a medical transfer that does not have a local hospital emergency room as the final destination.

If you have questions about whether you are opted into EMSAcare through your city utility/water bill, please contact the City of Tulsa’s Customer Care Center. You may change your enrollment status with the City of Tulsa during the annual open enrollment period held August 1 – August 31.

For more information on how to change or check your enrollment status, please call the City of Tulsa’s Customer Care Center at (918)596-9511.

Multi-family utilities customers who opt out are required to obtain a signed acknowledgment form from every tenant. You are required to keep these forms on file and available for inspection (do NOT attempt to mail to the City of Tulsa or EMSA).

Tenant Acknowledgement Form (English PDF)

Tenant Acknowledgement Form (Español PDF)