COVID-19 Response

EMSA is following the lead of the Oklahoma State Health Department, OKC-County Health Department, and the Tulsa Health Department regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus response, but we understand that you may have questions about what EMSA is doing to keep our medics and communities safe. We invite you to learn more about EMSA’s response to COVID-19.

Two EMSA paramedics wearing PPE and pulling a stretcher

How is EMSA protecting its medics?

We have closed our offices to the public as well as cancelled all educational demonstrations indefinitely. We are providing medics and other Team Members with the latest information from Oklahoma health officials as well as the CDC. EMSA ambulances also have a supply of Personal Protective Equipment for medics to wear should they need to wear PPE. Additionally, we have implemented more detailed call screening to reduce the number of first responders making direct contact with individuals suspected of being COVID-19 positive.

Team Members have their temperature checked at the start and end of every shift and are reporting any other COVID-like symptoms.

If an EMSA medic feels that they have had a COVID-19 exposure of any form (while working, at home, or in public), they are to contact their Supervisor for a risk assessment immediately. After that assessment, they may be quarantined. Each case is handled individually based on its unique set of circumstances, but we are being very proactive to protect our workforce and our communities. They also have access to a 24-hour nurse hotline.

COVID-19 Resources

To view EMSA’s Stay at Home Instructions, please click: EMSA Stay at Home Instructions

Versión en Español: EMSA Stay at Home Instructions – Versión en Español

For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19/Coronavirus, please visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s coronavirus page.