Veterans & Reservists

Join Our Team

We are honored to have dozens of military veterans and reservists on the EMSA team. Men and women from all five active-duty branches and many of the part-time branches serve in our ranks. Veterans work in leadership roles, on board ambulances, in our communications/dispatch center, and in most other areas of our operation.

We value the discipline, maturity, and strong work ethic that are common to military service members.

Veterans and reservists often find EMSA a comfortable place to work. Like the military, EMSA emphasizes teamwork, is mission-driven and follows a rank structure. Our work schedule includes a variety of shifts (weekdays, weekends, nights), and we do modify duty time to accommodate reservists’ regular drill/training requirements. We are highly supportive of team members’ continued service to our country.

EMSA Benefits

Military veterans have the ability to use GI Bill benefits during their initial orientation/training period, as EMSA proudly participates in the Department of Veterans Affairs On-the-Job Training/Apprenticeship program. Our human resources team can help you in receiving these significant financial benefits.

Though we welcome and appreciate the experience of combat medics and corpsman, such an assignment is not a prerequisite for working in our ambulance field operations. Military veterans and civilians who have completed a National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician approved course and obtained EMT, AEMT, or NRP certification are eligible for employment on our operations team.

All EMSA team members wear a duty uniform, and military veterans receive special uniform pins heralding their service and other recognition. Veterans Day is a paid company holiday.