Loss of consciousness can be caused by major illness, injury or drug abuse. People can also faint due to low blood sugar, dehydration, temporary low blood pressure, strenuous coughing, hyperventilating and many other reasons. Some symptoms that may indicate a person is about to lose consciousness include unresponsiveness, light-headedness, disorientation, nausea, drowsiness and stupor.

If someone begins to "feel faint" he should lean forward and lower his head toward his knees to improve blood flow to the brain.

If someone loses consiciousness:

  • Call for emergency help. 
  • Cushion the victim's head with a soft material. 
  • Look inside the victim's mouth to make sure his airway is unobstructed and check his breathing and pulse.
  • Open the victim's airway by tilting the head up and lifting the chin. 
  • If the victim is not breathing, initiate CPR.

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