How Can Cardiac Arrest be Prevented?

Because cardiac arrest can result from a variety of causes, including those that aren’t related to heart disease, there is no single treatment or precautionary measure you can take to prevent cardiac arrest.

Of course, taking steps to reduce cardiac risk is always important. But it is equally important to protect your health in all ways. For example, a person who has a respiratory disease must be vigilant to follow prescribed treatments and medical follow-up. Equally important is to “listen” to your body – often people don’t want to think that they could be having a heart attack and may not be as attentive to symptoms of potential heart disease as they could be.

Calling 911 at the first signs of heart attack can greatly reduce the chances of fatal cardiac arrest. Remember, it is common for people who are experiencing a heart attack to deny the symptoms to their friends and loved ones. However, it may be the number one sign to those around the vicitm that a heart attack is occurring.

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