When the Party's Over

If one of your guests has been drinking and shouldn't drive, please don't give them back their car keys and let them drive. They could hurt themselves or others and maybe just a little persuasion from you could mean the difference between life and death.  

  • Suggest that you or a sober friend drive your alcohol-impaired friend home. Their car can always be picked up at another time. 
  • Suggest that your impaired friend stay overnight in your home. This may sound inconvenient, but you could be saving your friend's, or someone else's life. 
  • Have your friend taken home in a taxi. Pay for the ride yourself. It's hard to object to a free ride. 
  • Whatever you do, don't give in. Friends don't let friends drink and then drive. In the morning, you'll have a safer and maybe an even closer friend. 


  • One drink = 5 oz. of 12 percent wine OR 12 oz. of 5 percent beer OR 1 1/2 oz. of 80 proof liquor 
  • Neither coffee nor a cold shower will help sober someone up. Only time can do that. 

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