Hosting a Teen's Party

Clearly discuss the ground rules with your teen before agreeing to host a party. 

Make sure he or she understands the law against -- and consequences of -- offering alcohol to minors or allowing guests to use drugs in your home. Plan to be available throughout the party to meet the guests and keep things moving smoothly – but avoid “hanging around”. 

Issue written invitations and check the guest list to avoid uninvited guests. Set clear start and ending times. Provide plenty of food and soft drinks. Notify the neighbors that you are having a party and designate parking that will not interfere with their access.

Alert yourself to the signs of alcohol or other drug use by teens. Guests should not be allowed to come and go – this will discourage teens from leaving the party to drink or use drugs elsewhere and return to the party. If any one brings drugs or alcohol, ask them to leave and call the police if they refuse. Notify the parents of teens who are drunk or under the influence of drugs when they arrive.



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