Recognizing Impaired Drivers

If you see someone driving that you feel may be impaired, it is absolutely vital that you report that driver. Don’t leave reporting the problem to others. Pull off the road and call the police or sheriff's office from your cell phone or a pay phone. Make sure you get the license number of the vehicle if you can, a description of it, including the make, model, and color, and the location. You need to be extremely careful when you are driving near a vehicle being driven my an impaired driver. The driver may lose complete control of the vehicle and involve you in a crash.

Signs of an impaired driving may include: 

  • weaving

  • driving with windows rolled down in cold weather

  • passing dangerously

  • straddling the center line

  • making wide turns

  • driving slowly

  • tailgating

  • forgetting to turn on headlights 

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