Protecting Yourself From Impaired Drivers

The National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) offers the following suggestions to help protect yourself against impaired driving: 

  • Your best defense against a drunk driver is to wear your safety belt and be sure children are properly secured in child safety seats. 
  • Be a responsible host. Serve food and have non-alcoholic drinks available. Don't let your guests drive after drinking alcohol and never serve alcohol to someone under the age of 21.
  • Write letters to the editor of local newspapers expressing your concern over drunk driving and underage drinking in your community.
  • Never ride in a car with someone who has been drinking - call a cab or ask a friend to drive you home. 
  • Support measures to strengthen drunk driving and victims rights laws by contacting elected officials. 
  • Report drunk drivers immediately to area law enforcement from a car phone or pay phone with the license plate number, description of the vehicle, and the direction in which it was traveling. Keep a safe distance from anyone driving erratically and do not try to intervene yourself. 

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