Talking to Your Kids About Drugs

Despite what you may think, you are the biggest influence in your child's life. That's why it is so important that you tell your child how you feel about drug use and how using drugs can affect their entire future. And you can't put that talk off for very long. If you wait until your child is a teenager to have this discussion -- it's too late. You need to talk with them before their peers convince them drugs are OK. So, let your children know even from the very beginning that it is not OK to use drugs.

The National Clearing House on Drugs and Alcohol suggests:

  • Be a good listener
  • Give clear no-use messages about drugs and alcohol
  • Help your child deal with peer pressure to use drugs
  • Get to know your child's friends and parents
  • Monitor your child's whereabouts
  • Supervise teen activities
  • Maintain an open and honest dialogue with your child.

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