Facing an Alcohol Crisis

Your child may not be quick to let you know he or she is facing an alcohol-related crisis. You need to stay alert to the signs of possible alcohol abuse, which may include: lower grades, reluctance to talk with you, unwilling to talk about activities with friends, trouble with campus authorities, serious mood changes.

A good way to evaluate your child's life at school is to visit him or her unexpectedly. Meet his or her college friends and discover where their interests are. Attend events on the campus that are open to parents and watch how the students behave, watch how your child and his or her friends behave.

If you believe your son or daughter is having a problem with alcohol, it is most important that you find appropriate treatment. Call or visit campus health services and speak with a counselor. Make staying actively involved your child's recovery, despite geographic separation, a priority by notifying the proper authority that you want frequent reports. 

If your son or daughter is concerned about his or her alcohol consumption, or that of a friend, have them check out www.alcoholscreening.org for information about ongoing screening for problems with alcohol. 

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