Encourage Anti-drinking Attitudes

One of the most important things parents can do to prevent their children from developing alcohol-related problems is to set a good example. Don't misuse alcohol and don't associate with people you do. 

Explain to your children that this is a choice you have made in your life and a choice they too will have to make. 

A second important thing parents need to do is provide plenty of social activities for their teens that do not include alcohol. Parents too need to find activities that do not include alcohol. This sends the message that having fun doesn't have to involve using alcohol.

Also, encourage your children to participate in school organizations and supervised extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school. These types of activities keep the student busy and gives them the opportunity to interact with other students who have some of the same interests in a safe setting.

Teens who become active in alcohol prevention activities in their schools and communities develop a sense of ownership about the issue of drinking and driving. They also develop the skills necessary to resist peer pressure to drink; to successfully intervene with a friend who has been drinking too much to drive safely; and to avoid situations where drinking may create problems. They can be instrumental in changing the social norm to acceptance of using alternative transportation rather than driving after drinking.

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