What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a very dangerous gas that you cannot see, taste or smell. It is created when materials such as gasoline, charcoal and wood are incompletely burned. Too much CO in your blood can be fatal if corrective measures are not taken quickly. Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when the level of carbon monoxide poisoning in the blood is sufficiently high to prevent an adequate amount of oxygen to circulate to the body’s tissues and cells. The result is that you can suffocate “from the inside out.” 

Sources of carbon monoxide include:

  • Kerosene or propane 

  • Space heaters 

  • Furnace 

  • Gas oven or range top 

  • Gas water heater 

  • Gas clothes dryer 

  • Gasoline-powered engines 

  • Charcoal grills 

  • Fireplace/chimney 

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