Protecting Kids from Pesticide Poisoning

Parents are usually aware of all of the household products that can be dangerous to children. However, the garage is often missed when parents are child proofing their homes. Because pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and other lawn products often come in large bottles, bags or boxes, they may be difficult to keep in locked cabinets. These products are used year-round and often left lying around if a particular lawn project takes several days.

Parents must provide large cabinets or storage units where these products can be stored and locked. If a parent is working on a long outdoor project, he or she must make sure the children do not get into these products while they are being used. Keeping the children in eyesight and the storage space locked can be time consuming. However, an accidental poisoning with these products can be fatal to your children.

If a child has ingested or inhaled any of these products or even if you suspect a child has been exposed to them, call 911 immediately. Another important source of information on poison is the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

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