Keep the Lights On

Medication safety requires common sense and familiarity with the medications you take – what each one looks like, where you have it stored and how the container opens. Always check the container before you take a medication to read the medication name and review the correct dose. Always be sure you can see adequately. Taking a medication in the dark is never a good idea, even if you only have one medication bottle in the house, because once you’ve swallowed a pill there’s no way to turn back time. If the lighting is poor in the area where you take medications, or if you are taking a medication at night, always turn on the lights or take the container to an area where you can easily read the medication label and name. 

This is equally important when you have a child who must take medication in the middle of the night. Prescription bottles look virtually the same, liquids must be measured accurately, and you wouldn’t want to give anyone the wrong medication or dose.   

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