Keep Medications in a Safe Place

Medications are always prescribed for the unique characteristics of one person. Even an antibiotic may vary in dose depending on a person’s body weight. And most medications can be hazardous to anyone for whom the medication was not prescribed, so keeping them in a safe place is essential. Even if you do not have any children, you may have friends or family members who visit with children, so taking steps to prevent unintentional access to medications is important.

The following tips may help keep medicine out of the wrong hands.

  • Make a habit of putting your medicine away after use.
  • Never leave medicine in a purse or overnight bag that is placed where a child can gain access to it.
  • Purchase medications with child-resistant packaging.
  • Store medications in an area that is inaccessible to children, out of their sight and reach.
  • If you have children in the home, the storage area where medicine is kept should be locked or have child-safety devices on the door so children cannot gain access to the medications. If there are child-safety devices, you need to be aware that children may learn how to open those devices. Supervision is key to safety.

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