Storing Medication

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are labeled for correct use. And keeping them in their original container is important to avoid taking the wrong medication or the wrong dose or taking a medication at the wrong time. 

Many people who take more than one medication everyday find that it is helpful to use a daily reminder pack. If you do so, only fill the container with the correct medications for each day or week. And ask your pharmacist if there is any problem with the pills or capsules you take being placed side by side – some chemicals react adversely together and may cause one or more of the medications to be neutralized or to produce harmful side effects. 

Never use a household container to store a combination of loose pills or capsules over a period of time. It’s easy to forget what a pill is supposed to look like and you may cause harm to yourself or a family member. It will also become impossible to know if a medication has passed its expiration date if it is not kept in its original container.

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