Adults Get Poisoned Too

Poisoning can happen to adults as well as to children and older people who cannot read labels or who fail to follow instructions. Some people may confuse one medicine for another, especially if the light is not on when they reach for a medicine at night. Others may take too much of a medicine or may mix medicine with alcohol or other substances. Taking the precautions listed below can help adults avoid poisonings.

  • Turn on a light at night and put on your glasses to read the label when you need to take a medicine.

  • Always read the label and follow instructions when taking medicines. If any questions arise, consult your physician or pharmacist.

  • Never mix medicine with alcohol, and never take more than the prescribed amount of medicine.

  • Never “borrow” a friend’s medicine or take old medicines.

  • Tell your doctor what other medicines you are taking so you can avoid adverse drug interactions.

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