Safety with Arts and Crafts

Read all labels carefully to learn which materials are safe and how to handle potentially unsafe materials properly. It is also important to remember that young children may not be able to read the label and should have access only to non-toxic materials.

Products that are hazardous must have the following information on their labels.

  • A conformance statement to ASTM D 4236, unless impractical and, if so, then at the point of sale (This requirement also applies to non-toxic products.) 

  • A signal word, such as "Warning" or "Caution" 

  • A listing of the ingredients in the product that are at a hazardous level 

  • A listing of how the product may hurt you if not used properly (May cause harm to the developing fetus)

  • Instructions on how to use the product properly and safely (Do not eat, drink, or smoke; use a respirator; wear gloves; etc.)

  • An appropriate telephone number; this will usually be the telephone number of the manufacturer or importer

  • A statement that the product is inappropriate for use by children

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