Things You May Not Have Considered

An important step toward poison prevention is thinking of things that you wouldn't normally think of as being poisonous and situations that ordinarily wouldn't be dangerous. Everyone knows to keep substances such as gasoline out of reach of children and pets, but have you considered the contents of your purse? Or, when you visit relatives, do you consider what medications or products might be accessible to young children? When you go on vacation do you survey your surroundings for potential poisoning problems? How easy is it for someone else to find something in a suitcase or flight bag.

  • Do you take prescription medications with you when you travel?

  • Have you ever wondered why so many people store toxic cleaning products and insecticides in the lowest cupboard in the house, below the sink, within reach of anyone who can crawl or walk?

  • How about your silver polish—Is it in a drawer at waist height?

These are things you need to recognize as potential hazards. Thinking "outside the box" and looking at your environment with a critical eye can help save your child's life.

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