Other Precautions in Avoiding Medication Risks

Keep a record of all your current medicines, including their names and regimens (dosage, time, and other instructions for taking).

  • Discuss any problems you have with the medicine with your doctor.
  • Never take medicine if you're not alert or can't see clearly.
  • Never take someone else's medicine.
  • Don't take drugs that are out of date.

Tell your health professional if you: are allergic to drugs or foods, have diabetes or kidney or liver disease, take other prescription or OTC medicines regularly, follow a special diet or take dietary supplements, or use alcohol or tobacco.

  • Ask the doctor's or pharmacist's advice before crushing or splitting tablets; some should only be swallowed whole.
  • Know any allergies you may have to drugs or vaccines.
  • Be sure you understand all instructions.
  • Destroy medicines no longer being used to prevent confusion. Flush them down the toilet; don't throw them in the trash.

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