Using Public Transportation

  • Become familiar with the public transportation schedule and plan to arrive at a well-lit, frequently used stop with minutes to spare, but not so early you must stand around and wait.
  • Know where you are going, where you must transfer, and how to get back home.
  • If you use public transportation often, buy a pass so that you don’t have to open your purse or wallet around strangers.
  • Sit near the driver or near the exit.
  • Stay alert; don’t doze off.
  • Never exit at an unfamiliar place. If you miss your stop, inform the driver and stay on board until you can safely transfer to transportation that will take you back.
  • Assert yourself. If someone sitting near you makes you uneasy or tries to engage you in unwanted conversation, move to another seat. If this does not deter him, loudly say, "Leave me alone." As a last resort, hit the emergency device.
  • Avoid burdening yourself with packages. It is tempting - but most unwise - to accept help from strangers offering to carry packages.
  • Be aware of who gets off with you. If you are uneasy, go to the nearest open store or to the nearest group of people.

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