Minor Home Modifications and Repairs

You may need to make some modifications to your home to continue living there safely.

  • Change out the doorknobs for lever-type which are easier to open
  • Repair or replace hard-to-open windows
  • If your home is equipped with window bars, make sure they have internal latches which allow you to open them and exit in case of fire
  • Change sink and tub faucet handles to the level-type
  • Add grab bars to tubs and use shower seats or a transfer bench
  • Add handrails on both sides of stairways or repair existing rails
  • Install ramps over outside stairs
  • Repair any weak or narrow stair treads
  • Make sure you have bright lighting over all stairways
  • Replace door or window locks with easy-to-operate styles
  • Add a view panel or peep hole in your front door at a height that allows you to see out easily, even from a wheelchair
  • Repair or replace doorbells that can’t be heard throughout the house
  • Add a doorbell at the back door as well as the front door, with different tones
  • Regulate your hot water heater temperature to prevent scalding
  • Add a hand-held shower head
  • Replace any old or frayed extension cords with surge protector styles
  • Replace light switches that are hard to operate with rocker switches
  • Have old outlets replaced with properly grounded ones
  • Install several smoke detectors, test and change batteries often
  • Install a CO detector
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting, including night lights, throughout the house
  • Keep walkways free of clutter
  • Remove or tape down areas rugs or door mats that might cause tripping
  • Buy a cordless phone in addition to your stationary phone 
  • Add motion-detection outdoor lighting at all entrances 
  • Add automatic openers and lights to your garage door
  • Have your heating and cooling systems checked each year

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