Basement/Garage/Workshop Safety Checklist

  • Is the area well lit?
  • Are fuse and breaker boxes up to Code and in good working condition?
  • Are tool cords and extension cords kept secured and out of the flow of traffic?
  • Are extension plugs and cords being used properly - not overloaded or used in relay?
  • Are lawn and garden tools and supplies safety stored off the floor and out of the traffic flow?
  • Are hazardous and flammable liquids properly marked and stored away from equipment such as furnaces, hot water heaters and gas dryers?
  • Is the floor free of liquids or materials that may present a slipping hazard?
  • Is the area clear of cardboard, paper or sawdust that might become a fire hazard?
  • Is there a functioning fire extinguisher at hand?
  • Are exit pathways clear and easily reached?

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