General Areas Safety Checklist

  • Are lamp, extension, and telephone cords placed out of the flow of traffic?
  • Are electrical cords in good condition, with no fraying or cracking?
  • Are light bulbs the proper size for lamps and light fixtures?
  • Are carpets free of tears and securely fastened?
  • Have fireplaces and chimneys been cleaned and checked for fire hazards?
  • Are cords attached to the walls, baseboards, etc. with nails or staples?Are all small rugs and runners slip-resistant?
  • Are hallways, passageways between rooms, and other heavy traffic areas well lit and kept clear?
  • Are smoke detectors working and properly located?
  • Are carbon monoxide alarms working and properly located?
  • Are small stoves and heaters placed where they cannot be knocked over, away from furnishings and other materials?
  • Are emergency numbers posted on or near the telephone?
  • Do you have an emergency exit plan in case of a fire?

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