Traveling by Air

New security measures on airlines will no doubt compound the problems often associated with holiday travel -- long lines, delayed flights, and extended time spent in airport terminals. The following tips may help in making your flight with the least amount of stress possible. 

  • Leave early. Make sure you leave for the airport early enough to allow extra time for potential airport traffic, parking delays, and longer luggage check-in and security screening lines. Unofficially, airlines are saying you may want to arrive at the airport as early as two hours prior to your flight. Allow even more time for international travel. 
  • Make sure you have proper identification on you at all times. This may include driver's license, passports, or official state ID's. If you are not sure what you will need for identification or if you feel you might have the proper identification available, call the airline you will be traveling with and talk with one of their representatives about their identification policies prior to arriving at the airport. 
  • Make sure your bags are properly tagged. All of your bags,  including those you check and those you carry-on should be tagged inside and outside with your name, address, and telephone number. 
  • Watch your bags at all times while in the airport. You should never leave your luggage unattended or with strangers. Never carry any item on an airplane from a stranger, or any luggage or packages that someone else has packed. If you are approached by a stranger to do this, report the request to airline personnel immediately. 
  • Things you know you will need, such as medicine, cash, jewelry, passports, visas, business papers, and valuables, should be in your carry-on luggage.  That way, if you luggage is lost of misplaced, you will have the things you need most with you. 
  • Pay close attention to in-flight announcements concerning flight safety.

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