Traveling by Auto

Traveling during the holiday season can present some special concerns, including inclement, unpredictable weather, and highways jammed with holiday travelers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the holiday season is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road.  

The following tips may help you arrive at your destination safely: 

  • Observe all traffic regulations and be alert to other drivers and road conditions. 
  • If you are driving a long distance, get comfortable in your seat and make sure your visibility is not impaired. 
  • Try to stay with the flow of traffic. Don't lag behind or try to out race the traffic. 
  • Select your route on a map ahead of time and study it so you know exactly where you are going. 
  • When possible, try to  take a major highway to arrive at your destination. 
  • Don't drive when you are extremely tired. If you feel sleepy, pull over and rest or have another  
    person drive.
  • Keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles. If another vehicle is involved in an accident, you need to be able to stop or avoid becoming a part of that accident. 
  • Remember truck traffic may be heavy during the holiday season. Use caution when passing trucks. Remember they have a blind spot where the driver will not be able to see you. 
  • Use the left-lane on a two-lane highway for passing only. Make sure you have enough room to pass and get far enough ahead of the vehicle you just passed before pulling back into the lane. 
  • Make sure you are aware of weather conditions where you are and also along your journey. If road conditions deteriorate, be sure to find a place to stop and wait for conditions to get better. 
  • Before you leave for your trip, make sure your car has been checked by a mechanic. Tell your mechanic where you are going on your trip so any necessary preparations can be made to your vehicle. 
  • Don't let your gas level get below one-quarter of a tank. Gas stations may not be available when your tank says empty. 
  • Make sure you have made accommodations in advance to stop overnight along the way if necessary. 
  • If you are traveling with small children, they may require special care during your trip. Try to bring things that will keep them occupied and take frequent rest breaks so they can get out of the vehicle and stretch.

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