When goodies and treats abound, it may be difficult to maintain your normal, sensible eating habits. The following tips may help you keep your eating in check and keep you from gaining excess holiday pounds. 

  • Don't skip meals in anticipation of the large holiday feast. Instead, eat a small snack that is low in fat. 
  • Reduce your portions. You can enjoy your holiday feast without denying yourself if you simply take smaller portions of everything. Another trick is to use a smaller plate, it makes you feel like you have a larger serving. 
  • Enjoy the company of your family and friends. Focus on your time with them rather than your time spent eating. 
  • Make sure you stay away from the buffet table or places where you can easily pick up food and nibble throughout the gathering. 
  • Select lean meats such as turkey, vegetables, and fruits. Avoid high-fat foods. 
  • Don't drink -- alcohol may weaken your resolve to eat healthy. 
  • Make sure you continue your normal routine of exercise. Walking is a good way to burn off extra holiday calories.

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