Food Safety

Most holiday gatherings and celebrations center around one thing -- the holiday feast. Below are some tips for ensuring your holiday meals are prepared and served safely. 

  • When cooking, make sure to turn the handles of your pots and pans inward on the stove so children can't reach them, and use just the back burners, if possible.   
  • Make sure knives and other sharp utensils are kept away from areas where small children might reach them.   
  • Make sure that all hot foods and drinks and the containers they are in are kept away from counter and table edges.
  • Make sure any cords to small appliances in use, such as crock-pots or coffeepots are properly placed. Do not leave the cords where they may accidentally be caught by children or other guests.    
  • Keep children away from the kitchen while you are cooking and don't carry a child when you carry hot food or drinks.


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