Public Playground Safety

Public playgrounds are a great place for your child to meet new friends and burn off energy! When choosing a public playground it is important to consider the safety and maintenance of the equipment and the age appropriateness of the equipment. Sometimes public playgrounds provide equipment suited to children of different ages and abilities.

The following may help you spot problems in public playgrounds and help you avoid injury to your child.

  • Examine the equipment for gaps that could entrap heads or limbs, or larger gaps that a child could fall through.  
  • Look for signs of wear on the surface of the equipment. Rust, paint chips, and brittle material could be signs the equipment is not a properly maintained.  
  • Pay attention to the type of material that is on the surface below the equipment. Injuries occur most often on playgrounds due to falls. Bark mulch, wood chips, fine sand, and fine gravel are good alternatives. Make sure the material is not a choking hazard for your child.  
  • Teach your children playground safety including always sliding feet first in a sitting position and walk in the path of a swing -- front or back.  
  • Always supervise your children when they are on a public playground.

Try to select a playground that has plenty of trees for shade, but make sure the trees are well away from the playground equipment. 

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