Call Before You Dig

Before you begin any type of project in your yard that required digging, there is an important telephone call you need to make -- to The Oklahoma One-Call System -- it might just save your life. 

Underlying your home and yard is an extensive network of natural gas lines, communication conduits, power lines, cable television lines and more. If you were to accidentally hit one of those lines while you were digging, you may be seriously injured or cause other damage.

To avoid an accident, you need to call the Oklahoma One-Call System at 1-800-522-6543 at least two days before you plan to dig.

The Oklahoma One-Call System is a statewide organization that electronically notifies all utility and line owners of your plans to dig. Those who have facilities in the quarter sections that will be affected by the digging are notified. Crews from those companies either mark their facilities with color-coded flags, or they report they have no lines affected in the area.

Red = Electric
Yellow = Gas, oil or steam
Orange = Telephone or television
Blue = Water
Green = Sewer
Pink = Temporary survey markings
White = Proposed excavation 

The following tips may also help you avoid problems when you dig.

  • If you are not a professional, you should not try to operate digging equipment in your yard. Instead, use hand tools for your digging.    
  • Whenever excavating, drilling, or blasting is going to take place on your property or property adjacent to yours, you should take the initiative and call Okie.

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