First Aid Kit for Camping

The Boy Scouts have it right -- Be prepared!  A first aid kit doesn't have to be elaborate, but it needs to include basic items: 

  • Bandages  
  • Sterile gauze  
  • Adhesive tape  
  • Elastic bandage  
  • Scissors  
  • Thermometer  
  • Tweezers  
  • Hand towel  
  • Small flashlight  
  • Acetaminophen  
  • Medicated ointments  
  • Calamine lotion  
  • Antiseptic soap  
  • A first aid book is an excellent addition, as is a list of important phone numbers.

Additional items may be needed based on how and when the kit will be used. If used for camping, consider how close help will be, how many people are involved and the state of their health, and what activities will take place. Consider possible injuries that may occur and include contents to treat those injuries.  

If you've never done so, sign up for an American Red Cross course in first aid and CPR.







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