Staying Safe on Scooters

There’s no doubt that lightweight, foot-powered scooters are the hottest addition to wheeled sports equipment. But these popular little wheels have also sent many people to the emergency room. Last year 40,000 people were treated by hospital emergency rooms for scooter injuries. Most of these were children under 15 years of age.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that 60 percent of scooter-related injuries could have been prevented or their severity reduced by wearing the same protective equipment and following the same rules recommended when in-line skating.

  • Wear a helmet that meets CPSC standards, along with knee and elbow pads  
  • Ride scooters on smooth paved surfaces without foot or vehicle traffic. Avoid surfaces with water, sand, gravel, or dirt.  
  • Do not ride at night.

Protective gear, which is relatively inexpensive at less than $35, is the best investment against injury.

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