Water Skiing

Skiing behind a motorboat as it skims across the lake is exciting and challenging. The following suggestions may help keep you safe when you are skiing.

As a skier:

  • Most importantly, learn to swim before you try to ski. Do not rely on the life jacket to keep you afloat.   
  • Wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket whenever you ski. 
  • If possible, take lessons from a qualified instructor, or have an experienced skier work with you as you are learning. Start out slowly and carefully as you begin to get the feel for skiing.

If you are driving the boat, you should:

  • Make sure all equipment is in the best condition possible. 
  • Make sure you understand the skill level of the person you are towing. 
  • Shut the boat motor off as you approach a skier who has fallen in the water. 
  • Always keep your eyes trained forward when you are driving the boat. 
  • Have a spotter in the back of the boat watch the skier for you. 
  • Drive the boat on a parallel line to the shore. 
  • Slow the craft down as you come in to land. If you are going too fast as you approach the landing, sit down. 
  • Learn the rules and regulations of handling a motorboat and use them. 
  • Do not take a skier into a restricted area. 
  • Do not take a skier out after dark. 
  • Use caution when you are driving the boat in areas you are not familiar with. 
  • Pay attention to the weather. If a storm is approaching, get off the water immediately.

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