Children and Water

Children love water -- splashing and playing -- but they do not recognize how dangerous water can be. That is why the most important thing to remember about children and water is that children need constant adult supervision when they are in or near the water.  It only takes a few moments for a child to drown and drowning can occur in a very small amount of water. 

Following these simple safety tips can help you protect your child from drowning:

  • Children need to be supervised when they are near water, be it in the bathtub, at a lake, playing with a bucket of water, or in a public pool, no matter how adept they are at swimming. 
  • Flotation devices should not be used as substitutes for adult supervision. Even with these protective devices in place, accidents may happen, and an adult needs to be ready to step in and help the child. 
  • Teach your child to swim and encourage safe swimming practices.   
  • Know infant and child CPR. 

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